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Employment Law Resources

Pennsylvania Workplace Poster Requirements

Private companies with employees are required to conspicuously post certain notices concerning the workplace and its conditions. Companies that fail to post these notices may be subject to citations, penalties, preclusion from bidding on federal contracts, or lawsuits in court... (click here to read full article)

Delivery of Wages to Deceased Employees

Here are the essentials for the issue regarding payments of wages and bonuses to a deceased employee. There are two possible situations that may impact the procedure for the delivery of wages to a deceased employee...(click here to read full article)

Severance Agreements

Severance agreements are sometimes used with routine employee position eliminations as well as with for-cause employee terminations. Basic information about severance agreements is included below...(click here to read full article)

Terminating an Employee

Managing employees can be a rewarding experience. With the proper mentoring and explanation on deliverables, the employee can feel valuable, fulfilled and challenged, and simultaneously the employer can feel confident that the exchange is appropriate. However, occasionally - despite proper management - employee problems arise...(click here to read full article)

Employee Warning Notices

In remaining current on laws pertaining to states where our various clients have operations, we discovered that a new law is effective in the state of Massachusetts that impacts employers with employees working within the state. It prompted us to encourage our clients...(click here to read full article)

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