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Fiduciary Litigation

Estate planning typically includes Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care Directives. With appropriate planning by an experienced attorney, an individual can ensure that their property is distributed according to their wishes. Therefore, finding a trusted estate planning attorney is a critical step in making sure your estate is handled appropriately.

Without proper planning however, fiduciary litigation can often arise during that stressful period of time following the death of a loved one. When the information and assets of an individual are collected, accounted for and distributed amongst beneficiaries, questions concerning actions and transactions of administrators and agents typically arise. Many times an intra-family dispute concerning the distribution of an estate or the actions of an administrator is entirely unexpected. Other times, these lawsuits can be anticipated and prepared for. Nonetheless, disputes do arise which may create the necessity to file a petition with the Orphans Court to enforce and protect certain rights, or defend any actions taken in collecting and distributing the assets of an estate or under a power of attorney.

At the Artell Law Group, within our Estate and Succession Planning Group, we strive to make the fiduciary litigation procedure as painless and efficient as possible. We have experience representing both administrators and beneficiaries in controversies arising from the interpretation of wills, the application of the Probate Code in Pennsylvania and/or the actions of a trustee or agent. Furthermore, our attorneys regularly practice before the orphans' courts in and around Central Pennsylvania.

Well versed in the applicable procedure and practice before the Register of Wills, Orphans Court and Court of Common Pleas, the Artell Law Group is uniquely prepared to represent your interests in fiduciary claims at a service level that can only be customarily found in much larger law firms. With our client-centered focus, our attorneys utilize in-house accountants and support staff to provide efficient and relevant advice to any of questions surrounding Estates, Inventories, Accountings, and other fiduciary issues. We communicate in plain English, with an explanation of the potential risks and outcomes of each decision and step taken during the action. Please give us a call to discuss how we can help you navigate through your fiduciary matter.

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