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Commercial Litigation

Litigation Philosophy

The Artell Law Group endeavors to keep clients out of litigation through proactive advice to management and focused guidance in establishing effective corporate policies. In today's economy, we believe that most issues can be resolved out of court through compromise and negotiations which result in mutually agreeable resolutions at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

Nonetheless, situations do arise where it is in a client's best interest to proceed with filing or defending a lawsuit and the Artell Law Group is experienced and well-suited to deliver comprehensive litigation representation. Whether your dispute concerns the interpretation of a taxing statute, the enforceability of a contract provision, the legality of an employment decision, or the validity of a will, attorneys at the Artell Law Group are effective advocates who utilize their expertise in the subject matter to manage all aspects of the case.

Our focus is on helping our clients achieve their business goals; not our number of trial victories. We do not file unnecessary motions or delay the case process to inflate our earned fee. Repeat clients provide us a much higher reward than a single case. If a client decides that litigation should be avoided, we work towards the most beneficial and fastest settlement possible.

Litigation Practice

The Artell Law Group understands that clients may not have been involved in a lawsuit before and helps them to understand the process. Even for clients who have been involved in a previous lawsuit, different courts and cases require different practices, legal jargon, and procedures. Therefore, the Artell Law Group strives to work closely with clients throughout any litigation by keep clients informed with updates and expectations throughout all stages of litigation. We welcome client participation and make efforts to copy clients on all substantive documents while also encouraging clients to be involved in the preparation and strategy of the case.

In assisting our clients, the kinds of litigation we typically handle are commercial litigation, contract termination and enforcement, employment disputes, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and other business needs.

Every case is different and requires its own strategy, but one of the most important things we provide in handling litigation is our dedication of ample time to prepare the case. We do not postpone preparing our cases. As litigation arises, we conduct an early evaluation of all cases with legal research to determine their merits, strengths, and weaknesses. We collect crucial documents and interview key witnesses. The time we utilize researching and strengthening our arguments while minimizing our weaknesses provides a greater opportunity for a successful outcome. We constantly conference with our clients to evaluate how they would like a case to proceed.

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