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Business Administration

It's only a matter of time before every business encounters a small matter such as a UCC filing or an unemployment compensation appeal. Most business-focused law firms refuse to offer services in these areas because the work is not as lucrative as their core services. In addition, many clients never bother to seek legal advice in these areas because the costs outweigh the benefits for both parties. Regrettably, even though a small administrative matter, if not handled correctly, some of these matters develop into considerable problems.

Artell Law Group prides itself upon being a firm that will roll up its sleeves in the interest of its core group business clients and will handle administrative matters such as UCC filings and unemployment compensation appeals. We handle these matters on economical fixed rate schedules for otherwise hourly clients or as part of the global services we provide to our fixed fee clients. Thus, our clients easily can perform a costs versus benefits analysis before proceeding on administrative matters that have the potential to become significant litigation issues.

Business Planning & Transactions

We work closely with each of our clients through all stages of their business life to help the business and its owners achieve their business objectives. The types of clients we typically represent are:

In assisting our clients, we are often counseling in the following areas of business:

In focusing our business law representation to entities operating in Pennsylvania, we have business clients as far east as Philadelphia and as far west as DuBois. We represent businesses in the wholesale, retail, manufacturing and services sectors. We also represent businesses that concentrate on holding real estate investments.

Once a business is formed, we do not forget about you after we collect a fee. We pride ourselves in being active trusted business advisers throughout the life of a business. We also assist in referring third party relationships such as:

At the end of the day, our success is measured by our clients' success in achieving their business objectives. We look forward to meeting you and proving that we can be a valued member of your team.

Client News and Firm Notes


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